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How It All Began

A Story of Transformation

Ours is a story of change, like bugs to the light, we are attracted to innovation and change. Our history is defined by the agility in the hunt for corporate diversification and relevance. We value our past because it can unite and inspire our people to know how our history shaped the company as we know it today.

November 14, 2006 is our birthday - a Scorpio - Dog. Our birth number is 6, the number of service, balance and responsibility - it is about showing love towards others in order to exist for others. We bring the energy of practicality, realism, materialization of harmony, craft and work in service.

Tedwin Tan Uy founded MediaMagnet as a pioneer in the digital out-of-home LCD network. Through his leadership we were able to acquire brands such as UCC, David’s Salon, Tony & Jackey’s, Figaro Coffee Company, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Gloria Jeans, Omakase, Congo Grille and other lifestyle-based locations in Metro Manila.

The digital out-of-home LCD network was positioned to give small to medium sized brands and businesses a fighting chance in marketing themselves against the high-priced advertising channels that only large companies can acquire space for.

Internally, MediaMagnet was set-up with a Technology division, headed by Timothy Uy, to ensure that all brand materials were uploaded in all 150 locations in Metro Manila and reach 1.5 million viewers daily.  

In 2008, the company expanded its services by opening up the Creative division. They conceptualized and produced the marketing videos of all brand advertisers of the digital out-of-home LCD network.

We also offered Media Innovation product category that was offered as point-of-purchase displays to our clients. These included innovations like levitating displays and changing mirrors.

In 2009 was a year of many firsts for us.  

As partners of Young and Rubicam Philippines, MediaMagnet won a Bronze for “iProtect”  internationally at the New York Festivals under Avant-Garde for Place-based Media and another Bronze, locally at the Araw Awards for Ambient and Outdoor. Our Mirror Mirage changing mirror was installed in women’s bathrooms as a warning to always remember to bring iProtect mace as protection from an attacker.

MediaMagnet also acquired a Creative Director, Trisha Uy and an Accounts Director, Monche Herce. 2009 was the year that marketed MediaMagnet, we were in Adobo Magazine as part of the Non-Trad showcase. Mentions of the company can also be seen in various editions of Adobo Magazine. We were sponsors of the multiple events from concerts, events, and shows.

We developed a strategic framework for the digital out-of-home channel called Lifetrack Marketing. It recognizes the transitioning mobile nature of consumers from traditional channels to non-traditional channels, by following their footprint. It employs the creative use of digital out-of-home to relay brand messages that reach and engage people wherever they are.

In 2010 MediaMagnet joined numerous conventions from OAAP and National Retailers Association. We’ve also held seminars during these conventions and propagated the knowledge of Lifetrack marketing.

From digital out-of-home and media innovations, we’ve expanded our services to further provide our clients with with strategic and creative advertising services at par with ad agencies in Manila. We started developing online content for our clients for use on their websites and events.

Our partnership with Lube in 2011, a digital company strengthened our knowledge of digital marketing. We were requested to build websites and digital campaigns for various brands, apart from the creative materials that were used for the traditional mediums.

During this time we were also exposed to the marketing of political campaigns, telecommunications and real estate industries. International brands from the US, Singapore and Australia became our clients as well. We’ve created numerous brand content for online and events use for our clients from a variety of industries.

By 2012,  we were so immersed in digital and traditional marketing that we started handling one of the first Facebook local brand pages in the Philippines. We got so good at it that more Facebook page management and digital work followed.

The company was slowly shifting from a media service company into a digital creative company. It was at this time that new management came in. Trisha Uy-Velasco became our new CEO, while Timothy Uy was promoted to COO. Tanke Tankeko, an award-winning Creative Director became the resident CD.

The strength in digital, matched with the balance of great creativity helped us win pitches. Thereby winning one of top 10 fast food brands in the Philippines in 2013, who are still our clients up until today.

Digital growth in the Philippines was not yet at par with other countries during this time, however, movements both locally and globally were already signifying that the market was shifting. Which is why on 2014, MediaMagnet went into a business planning session.

We launched the new logo and brand guidelines and repositioned ourselves as a Digital Marketing company.

We were invited as speakers during events, specifically the Norde Brand Summit in 2015.

Year on year thereafter, we garnered new accounts from various industries such as FMCG, new political accounts, retail food brands, household brands, pharmaceutical accounts, and even government/NGOs.

Fast growth leads to quick expansion and because we owe our achievements to our people, MediaMagnet reorganized internally by establishing a dedicated Digital team and at the same time invested more on expansion of infrastructure and technological solutions.

Today, Mediamagnet is a Brand Experience Agency. We create campaigns, leverage on analytics and utilize human psychology to create solutions that activate a strong and steady pull towards the brand.

We combine the learnings and capabilities of traditional and digital to deliver appropriate benefits from each and pull in brand influence.

So regardless if the requirement is print, tv, radio, or digital, we will make it creatively great.

That’s because we have a team of hybrids - seasoned multi-platform based creative and digital teams that can provide broader and more strategic brand recommendations.

We've also handled various industries such as corporate B2B marketing, Retail Food, FMCG, Real Estate, Banking and Finance, Health and Beauty, Telecoms and Technology, Lifestyle shows, Political advertising from both local and foreign clients.

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